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Cricket in the 19th Century

Cricket is one of the sports which is being played for centuries. The origin of the excellent sport of cricket can be traced to the period of the 16th century. But it took the sport some amount of time, before it came to be accepted by the masses. The major developments in the sport of cricket occurred during the 19th century. It was during this time that the sport of cricket had to face numerous challenges which threatened its very existence.

Cricket in the 19th century was trying hard to survive and it managed to achieve this difficult task. It is the details about cricket in the 19th century which you would be provided with here.Towards the end of the Napolean Wars the challenges in the survival of the sport of cricket started appearing. The game had almost stopped owing to the absence of the players and any investments. By the year 1815, the sport of cricket managed to get back on its feet. The scenario in the country of England also started to improve at this point in time and the county teams like the Sussex came into being.

Cricket in the 19th century started to capture the imagination of both the players and the spectators. The extensive rail networks meant that the people could reach distant places to watch and play games of cricket.

The first ever international match was also held during the middle of the 19th century cricket. The match was played between the US and Canada in the year 1844 in New Jersey. The year 1864 saw over arm bowling accepted and legalized as a part of the sport of cricket. In the same year, W.G. Grace also made his debut. Cricket in the 19th century also saw the beginning of the test matches. The first test match was played between Australia and England in the year 1877. That was also the start of many of the interesting battles between the 2 teams of the world.
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